Dogu Custom Electric Guitars under Action Figure Studios is a high-end custom electric guitar design/fabrication/modification/sales group located in Santa Barbara, California - established in 2014.

My first modified guitars started in the mid-1970’s when I painted a ES-335 copy.  I haven’t stopped since and have owned, played and built or modified a lot of guitars. As a one-off custom builder, I started in 2013.

I’ve also made many other things in my days including: architecture, interiors, furniture, lamps, exhibitions, photography, art and art installations, cars and trucks, motorcycles, mopeds, bicycles, skateboards and more.

Each build has been an exercise in research, engineering, design, sourcing, fabrication, assembly, use and evaluation.  It is a constant search for unique expression within the idea of the best possible fit, the highest quality and the most comfort and utility.

As a guitar builder, I am aiming to bring this experience and my skills along with my passion to build fine-quality instruments that are unique - that have their own sound, a specific feel and a great look.

The S and T-style builds you see here are the last of these types.  It’s full-on custom from here!

Let me know if I can build one for you.

Gear photos by Tony Mastres and Mehmet Dogu

Action Figure Studios, Dogu Custom Electric Guitars and Mehmet Dogu are NOT affiliated with Fender Musical Instrument Corporation.  Fender®, Strat®, Stratocaster®, Relic®, Tele®, and Telecaster® are registered trademarks of Fender Musical Instruments Corp.  We IN NO WAY IMPLY THAT WE BUILD OR SELL FENDER® GUITARS.  This is NOT a Fender® guitar body or a Fender® finish, nor Fender Neck - these are custom guitars.

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